Growing Moral Relations: Critique of Moral Status Ascription

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Hauser, Marc, 2006, Moral Minds: How Nature Designed our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong, New York: Harper Collins. –––, 1658 and 1651 [1991], Man and Citizen, (translations of six chapters of De Homine (1658) and all of De Cive (1651)), edited by Bernard Gert, Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 1991. For it is always possible that fear of disgrace, perhaps also obscure drewd of other dangers, may have a secret influence on the will. Though the lawyer's personal moral code likely finds murder immoral and reprehensible, ethicsdemand the accused client be defended as vigorously as possible, even when the lawyer knows the party is guilty and that a freed defendantwould potentially lead to more crime.
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